An analysis of the proposition 22 and the limit on marriages in the state of california

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Right Is The New Left

Were the Court to stay its hand to allow slower, case-by-case determination of the required availability of specific public benefits to same-sex couples, it still would deny gays and lesbians many rights and responsibilities intertwined with marriage.

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They and their children if any would gain hundreds of state privileges, rights, protections and obligations that are automatically given to all married couples. Its dynamic allows two people to find a life that could not be found alone, for a marriage becomes greater than just the two persons.

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Proposition 22

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Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ___ (2015)

Executive Summary. The Limitation on Marriage Proposition ("Proposition 22") would limit legal recognition of valid marriage to persons of the opposite sex by creating a single exception to California’s policy of recognizing marriages validly.

Initiative Statute. Text of Proposition 22 This initiative measure is submitted to the people in accordance with the provisions of Article II, Section 8, of the California Constitution. Limit on Marriages. Initiative Statute., California Secretary of State - Analysis of Proposition 22 on the March California Primary Election Ballot.

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An analysis of the proposition 22 and the limit on marriages in the state of california
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