Mba curriculum

Our Two-Year Full-Time MBA Program is for students who want to gain the confidence to lead boldly and challenge conventional thinking in the global marketplace. Emphasis is on the practical. Marketing Marketing activity is the engine that creates value in Mba curriculum business. Using assessment tools, exercises, films, cases and other assignments, students gain a stronger understanding and skill set to excel in leadership positions today.

This refers to all situations where an individual firm has a direct influence on the market price of the product. Strategic Management Discusses skills and concepts needed to manage an organization to compete effectively in its environment.

Topics include discounted cash flow models, risk and return, capital asset pricing model, capital market efficiency, capital structure and the cost of capital, dividend policy, and leasing. Managers should understand how IT could help to organize the complexity of modern organizations, manage relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, and improve work efficiency.

Serves as a basis for the interfunctional management team consulting project. Basic accounting concepts, accounting principles, and the audit report are presented. Orients the student to the field of supply chain management through cases and lectures on the importance of the field.

This course will help students understand the dynamics and DNA of customer experience, and provide them with a framework for designing, implementing, and innovating customer experience.

Managerial Economic Analysis Introduces the aspects of economics that are most relevant to the operation of the individual firm or nonprofit organization. Strategic Management Discusses skills and concepts needed to manage an organization to compete effectively in its environment.

Strategic Human Resource Management Most, if not all managers, would agree that managing people effectively is an important ingredient of organizational effectiveness. We will discuss how managers can use this influence to generate firm value and set out situations in which managers can try to increase their market power.

These include investors actual and potentialemployees, customers and governments.

MBA Core Curriculum

Create and harvest value for the organization's stakeholders. The emphasis is on profitability concepts and performance evaluation. In addition, during the Pre-Term orientation sequence of their second year, students are required to complete a half-credit course, Leadership and Crisis Management KPPIAthat encompasses much of the knowledge from the first-year core.

Faculty members whose expertise lies in a particular area are available to assist students with complexities of the projects.

Curriculum & Concentrations

The decisions made by individual managers and consumers generate the fundamentals of market supply and demand, governing the prices and quantities sold in all economic transactions.

This course also provides students with useful models, tools, and skills for leading and managing organizational change effectively. The course is focused on management issues and is suitable for the student with no IT experience, as well as for students with technical backgrounds who want to understand how to manage IT in the firm.

Senior managers have daily responsibilities for examining critical assumptions, discerning hidden values, evaluating evidence, accomplishing actions and assessing conclusions. IT has enabled modern organizations to make tremendous strides in productivity, has opened new markets, and has created new product and service opportunities.

Global environmental issues Strategy The objective of this course is to help students develop the skills for formulating strategy.Columbia Business School's MBA core curriculum is designed to give students an in-depth mastery of all the academic disciplines necessary to every business leader’s success.

MBA Curriculum

From corporate finance, to business analytics, explore the business courses in our MBA core curriculum. Online Master of Business Administration Curriculum.

Build your business acumen with the same advanced business leadership courses offered through our prestigious on-campus degree programs. The Customized MBA is available to MBA candidates on a case-by-case basis and is subject to course availability.

The process for selecting a customized concentration: Look through the course offerings/curriculum and come up with a written proposal of courses (must be a minimum of 15 credits).

This course examines the role of finance in supporting the functional areas of a firm, and fosters an understanding of how financial decisions themselves can create value.

Topics covered include: Basic analytical skills and principles of corporate finance. Functions of modern capital markets and.

Full-Time MBA Curriculum

Today’s employers are on the lookout for master’s and MBA candidates who have Top-ranked school · International environment · Transfer opportunities · 4 European campuses. The Ross Full-Time MBA curriculum instills the confidence, frameworks, and intellectual dexterity you need to succeed.

We will challenge you. How you respond, and what you choose to tackle, will set the course for your MBA education.

Mba curriculum
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