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They are designed to nurture a passion for inquiry and to provide you with the tools to tackle intellectual challenges with confidence and creativity. Do visit the link at here to learn more!

It consciously weaves the theme of active citizenship and community engagement through its curriculum and other aspects of the student experience.

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management(M.Sc.(SCM))

Doctoral degrees are typically the first choice of students who seek depth of knowledge, enjoy creative problem solving, and who aspire to hold high level positions in their respective fields.

Test date must be within 3 years or less from the date of your application. How many MCs of overlapping modules are permitted between the primary and second major?

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Around students live in the USP residential college, which contains the administrative and Nus coursework programmes offices for USP as well as teaching classrooms.

As the college program gradually evolved and the student community grew, construction began in November for a new building to complement the needs of the college.

Fees If you are an Exchange student, your tuition fee is generally waived. Please write your name, mailing address and programme s applied for at the reverse side of the bank draft.

Michael McQuade on Monday 24 April4. However, you are still required to pay for the Miscellaneous Student Fees. They can do so during the online admission application by clicking on the service obligation option.

For updates on the fees payable and other financial matters, please click here. From AY onwards, Service Obligation is no longer available to international students applying for Coursework Programmes as they will be liable for non-subsidised tuition fees.

The project resulted in a page photography book HDB: Over three years, they photographed households to show how each owner put his own spin on the interiors. Separate cheques are to be written for each programme applied. Homes of Singapore, showcasing the everyday lives of Singaporeans in their HDB flats, which went on sale last month.

Students should apply to the host department Statistics and Applied Probability before the end of their fifth semester of study. The full list of NUS graduate programmes is available here with hyperlinks to the individual programme websites.

The new name "Master of Economics" will take effect from the August intake. The duration of the service obligation is fixed at 3 years, regardless of the duration of study at subsidised rates. Students who had previously enjoyed MOE subsidy in a graduate degree will not be eligible for MOE subsidy in another graduate degree of the same or lower level.

Best wishes to you, Marcus! Students need not apply for the MOE Subsidy if they are eligible. Please contact sfcredit ntu. As the actual dates may vary each semester, students are advised to check the registration guide for the applicable deadlines in each semester.

Master of Engineering

A University Town Residential Programme Certificate is issued to eligible students, along with the regular degree scroll. We will be rooting for you all the way! These programmes offer excellent opportunities for students to further develop their potential as intellectual leaders for a wide range of career paths.

For more information on Tuition Fee Loan Scheme, please click here. Follow the criteria and other details below. Candidates who withdraw from the programme after the second week shall be liable for payment of Tuition Fee, and Miscellaneous Fees due for the entire semester. The maximum period for the completion of the Master of Economics programme is 36 months of full-time study or 48 months of part-time study from the commencement of the programme.

2 Coursework Programmes

Two specializations will be offered in this programme: It is the only residential college that is situated outside University Town. If demand draft is drawn on a bank located outside Singapore, clearing may take up to 6 weeks and there are bank charges.NUS offers a wide range of graduate programmes catering for a variety of interests,namely: Doctoral degree programmes at NUS are primarily research-based.

NUS Graduate Scholarship for ASEAN offers 1 scholarship each year to nationals of ASEAN member countries who take up the full-time coursework graduate degrees in Faculty of Science (under MOE subsidized programmes). The graduate programmes are designed for Bachelor-degree graduates from engineering or a closely related field who wish to advance their knowledge and careers in engineering and/or management.

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management( Under NUS then Provost Prof Tan Eng Chye's directive and encouragement, and with 10 years of experience running the NUS-GeorgiaTech Double Master Programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (DMP), the programme was launched in The programme has since grown in popularity and reputation.

NUS offers a wide range of graduate programmes catering for a variety of interests,namely: Doctoral degree programmes at NUS are primarily research-based.

2 Coursework Programmes

They equip students with the skills required to advance knowledge, and human progress. Environmental Studies at Yale-NUS blends elements of the world’s best environmental studies and science programmes with the unique opportunities of a liberal arts college in a vibrant Asian city.

Nus coursework programmes
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